Professionals for Paragliding and Hang-gliding Adventures xTc Paragliding, your paraglider guides for paraglider guided trips in Slovenia

777 Rook
We have listed information for the 777 Rook glider fromt he Valic Brothers. click here

2013 Dates Available
2013 is looking busy already. If you are a club wanting to attend I encourage you to get in touch ASAP to ensure a slot is available.

777 Gliders
We are now dealers for 777 Gliders, the innovative gliders from the Valic brothers. Contact us now to arrange a demo glider!

Acro School
Want to learn Acro? Already a proficient acro pilot? xTc will be hosting a dedicated Acro school week in September 2012. In attendance will be Alexander Meschuh, one of the best Acro pilots in the world. More details to be released soon.

Clients score 100km
It was great to accompany 5 clients on distances up to 100km, starting in Tolmin, out to Italy, then back to land on the shores of Bohinj Lake. Epic!

Gin Gliders
xTc can now supply Gin Paragliders and equipment. Contact us with your requirements and for a quotation

British Record Set! Well done to our Brett, whom set a new British Record flying from his home site, Sorica, and back again to land in his back garden having flown 224km Out and Return

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We have been offering guided holidays for over 9 years

We are professional, full times guides for your XC holidays

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xTc Paragliding

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Where we predominantly operate

Bohinj, Slovenia
Kobarid, Slovenia
Tolmin, Slovenia
Lijak/Kovk, Slovenia
Ager, Spain
Bassano (hg), Italy
Meduno, Italy

xTc have been guiding since 2003 and consider themselves amongst the best in the business.

Our trip prices include accommodation, airport transfers, transport throughout, guiding, coaching & retrieves.

We differentiate ourselves from other operators having a reputation for going the extra mile to get you into the air. We don't restrict ourselves to one valley, one mountain, but travel each day to the very best weather in the area around us. We have even been known to relocate the entire group to another country if the weather dictated so. But don't think that makes it a holiday in a bus. Most sites are between 5 & 45 mins away!

You spend a lot on your holidays. Book with the best to avoid disappointment!

Paragliding holidays and paragliding trips are the main business of xTc Paragliding. We also run Hang glider holidays and hang glider trips.

Our core regions in which we operate are Slovenia (Tolmin, Bohinj, Lijak, Kovk, Kobarid), but also Spain (Ager, Castejon de Sos) and areas of France.

For a Paraglider holiday to remember, book with us! We can also supply Gin Paragliders and Flymaster Vario and GPS

xTc Paragliding. Guiding your XC adventure!

xTc are professional paraglider guides for paragliding and hang-glider trips. We run courses predominantly in Slovenia, but are also experts in regions of the French and Spanish Pyrenees and northern Italy.

On all our paragliding holidays we tailor the week according to the pilot so you will always get the best for your level of experience. All sites are suited such that we can mix 'just qualified' paraglider pilots with Skygods without hindering either, although many of our weeks are themed to get common experience levels in the group.

  • Experienced: We have been guiding paraglider pilots on our holiday trips in the Julian Alps, Slovenia for over 7 years and feel we know more than any other guides for this area. Similarly in Ager, we have been guiding for 4 years, longer than any other English speaking guide.
  • Lead Guide: Brett Janaway has a long history in flight. He holds the World Record for 100km Speed on a tandem, the British Records for O&R (204km) and speed over 200km paragliding and has previously set records in other areas of the sport as well is being Paragliding Accuracy National Champion three times. He also flies HG, microlight and light aircraft, but paragliding is his main sport
  • Guiding: We ensure you get to the right site on the right day for your experience level. We want you to get the maximum airtime possible and the biggest XC available.
  • Safety: We don't just abandon you on launch. We always have one of our team launching last. We always brief you about the landing field, the launch and the XC possibilities. We make sure you are informed and looked after. All our staff are first aiders!
  • Theory: We are here to help and advise. We'll teach you why thermals go up, where to find them and how to get the most from them. Thermalling is an art on a Paraglider or Hang-glider and we aim to teach you how to do it.
  • Tolmin to Italia: We always try to get our pilots along this route in Slovenia. 100km of pure thermalling. Our own Brett holds the British Record along this route and the Valic brothers set the World Record on an extended version of the same route!
  • Comfort: Whether it is traveling between sites in our air conditioned vehicles or staying in our comfortable hotels, we want you to enjoy all aspects of your paragliding holidays.
  • Airtime: That's why you are coming so that it what we endeavour to deliver. The Julian Alps, Slovenia, gives some of the most reliable XC flying in Europe and we will capitalise on that during your trip. Ager has less then half a days rain per month at the times we fly there
  • Stress free: We will take care of ALL aspects of your holiday, from the minute you arrive at the airport to the minute you depart. We have been doing this for 7 years and we know our stuff!
  • Paraglider guides you can trust. As Paraglider guides, we have had enormous success in the Slovenia and Ager region with a reputation second to none. Trust us with your guided holiday!
  • Slovenia, Bassano, Meduno or Ager. You choose!