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Tricks & Tips

Tip 1; Budget airlines often charge you for individual items of luggage. Most paraglider pilots book Sports Kit for their paraglider. If you do this, don't book any other items of luggage, just put all your clothes in your glider bag and hand luggage. This will save you a fortune!

Tip 2; If there are two or more of you and you have over size luggage, so it won't go down the isle then book in one at a time, the other looking after some of your removed items. When you come back from the check-in simple then place them back in the bag before going to the oversize bag deposit.

Tip 3; [Note; this rule is less and less true]. Despite what is printed on the ticket, you can usually carry one piece of hand luggage PLUS a laptop bag. Stuff the laptop bag with items too. I managed to get 25kgs in hand luggage last week! (Dec '08) NOTE: This trick isn't so easy now. Ryanair are also weighing hand luggage to enforce a 10kg limit. Easyjet has no limit still.

Tip 4; Hand luggage is often being checked now at airports for size but rarely weight. Put you reserve and any other compact but heavy items into your hand luggage if you are short of weight on your main. NOTE: As stated above, Ryanair are now imposing a 10kg limit on hand luggage and checking!

Tip 5; If you are at Stansted and they are checking hand luggage, walk down the isle and look for the man that isn't. There are several gates and usually one is busy chatting.

Tip 6; Be nice and be up-front. If you smile at the girl at check in and explain to her that the rules have changed since you last flew and you didn't realise it was so strict she will appreciate the honesty and friendly face and will often let you get away with it.

Booking a flight

EASYJET is the preferred airline of xTc for summer Slovenia trips from 2010 onwards

(for Lijak/Kovk Slovenia, in the winter, see further down)

Three airlines now operate to Slovenia. Easyjet is our preferred (they are typically the cheapest now)

Stansted to Ljubljana airport

Birmingham to Trieste
Stansted to Trieste
Stansted to Klagenfurt

Gatwick to Ljubljana airport

Prices will vary, but from £75 return is available with £100 being typical, providing you book in plenty of time. Last minute bookings can be as high as £250.

There is only one flight a day from each of these operators so just book a flight departing on the first day of the trip and returning on the last.

LIJAK/KOVK (Slovenia)

Two airport option but note the Venice option incurs a transfer charge

Birmingham to Trieste (not much in the winter)
Stansted to Trieste airport

Various operators fly to Venice from all of the UK. This can be an option but you MUST check with us first.

AGER (Spain)

Easyjet and others (Ryanair, BA etc etc)

Easyjet is the most common with pilots from Stansted, Bristol etc flying to Barcelona airport.

Contact us for flight times as there are several flights a day. We typically insist on arriving between 12pm and 2pm, departing similar or later!

Make sure you book Barcelona airport, not Girona or others nearby, which operators such as Ryanair claim are Barcelona!!!

Book the wrong flights at your peril.


Fly to Venice (Marco Polo/Treviso etc)

Many operators fly here. Do check the times that the group is preferring for the trip.

OLU DENIZ (Turkey)

Fly to Dalaman Airport (DLM). From here a transfer will be arranged of around 45 minutes.

Many operators fly here. Do check the times that the group is preferring for the trip.