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In a bid to continually improve the quality of our guided trips xTc have implemented a number of changes from 2013 onwards to our operating procedures. The most important of these are listed below.

  • xTc are prioritising Easyjet & Wizz Air as its flight operators of choice for all Slovenia trips. Ryanair have been good for many years but their luggage costs are now just too expensive and Easyjet is working out cheaper and Wizz give fantastic luggage allowances. They smile more as well! Check the trip details for confirmation of the preferred operator for your trip.
  • No trip is confirmed until at least four pilots have made a reservation. If four pilots do not book then the trip will be cancelled. In the event the trip is cancelled then xTc will not be responsible for any loss incurred by you, particularly in respect of any flights you may have booked. Ensure the trip is confirmed before booking flights!
  • The balance of payment is due at least 30 day prior to the trip commencing.


So, to attend a trip follow this system;

  1. Read website for available dates, email with questions
  2. Reserve a place by filling in the online booking form
  3. Pay deposit (£150)
  4. On receipt of confirmation that four persons have reserved a place, book your flights
  5. 30 days before the trip pay the balance in full
  6. Await the trip, fly and enjoy!