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BHPA Pilot

The Pilot rating is one that allows a Pilot to 'legally' go XC.

Club support is great in much of the UK, but sometimes a CP can find himself outside of their local scene for a variety of reasons. These people are the ones whom will benefit most from attending this course as everything you need is provided.

BHPA Pilot rating in One Week!

Pilot Tasks Course
Many pilots in the UK pass their CP rating, move on to flying within their club and progress no further through the BHPA qualification system. There are a greater number however that wish to progress through the system, but don't know how, cannot find the right weather on the right days or simply cannot find a coach/instructor to sign off the tasks when required.

The aim of this week is to tackle these issues and provide a simple, well constructed course designed to get you from your CP rating on arrival to your Pilot rating on departure.

The Importance of Pilot rating

The BHPA rating system isn't just a set of badges you collect if you are a 'badge seeker'. It is there to help you progress through a system in a controlled manner, improving your safety and knowledge along the way.

As Mark Dale (BHPA Technical Officer) once put it;

EP = Has the ability to earn a driving license (learn to paraglide)
CP = Has a license to drive round the car park (fly on club sites)
Pilot = Has a license to go out on the main roads (fly XC where you choose)
Advance Pilot = Advanced driver (master of your craft)

Good glider control, accurate landings. All part of the fun!Very few pilots aspire to obtain the Advanced Pilot rating but everyone should be working towards his or her Pilot rating. This is the minimum rating you can hold to fly XC, the dream of almost everybody in who takes up Paragliding.


So what does the course entail?

During the course we aim to tackle both the theory side and the practical flying side to obtaining the rating. In addition we intend to cover several tasks required of the Advanced Pilot rating. We want to take it much further though. Rather than teaching you just what is require to 'pass the exam', we want you to learn many other useful (and important) aspects of wing control, flying, thermalling, recover, piloting, XC, route planning and competition basics.

Specifically we shall cover the following;


    • Hand-outs with all the important information
    • Several short theory lessons to aid with learning
    • The dreaded exam at the end of the week

Limited SIV

    • 50% asymmetric
    • Rapid descent techniques
    • Pitch control

XC flying

    • 20km, multi turn point task
    • 50km Out and return
    • Mini XC competition (FAI rules)

Other aspects

    • Accurate landings
    • Alpine flying
    • Thermalling

Wing Control

Just as important to a good Pilot, but not really in the BHPA syllabuse, we feel it is important to include an element of Wing Control


Kovk launch presents a good place for glider control

We aim to teach you about the limits of your wing and of developing a feel and suitable reaction to changes in pressure and pitch in a variety of conditions.

XC flying

Usually based in Slovenia, the road to the launchs is excellent. The land out options are superb. The route is simple. We will get you that Advanced Pilot XC task before the week is done!

Slovenia has fantastic Mountain XC potential and so in the course of your holiday we’ll be exploiting that to the maximum.  We think you’ll be surprised at just how much your piloting abilities will improve.

An easy run for the next 5km

(In case you are worried, Slovenia is NEVER this busy. It was taken at the start of a competition a few years ago!)



Our schedule is designed to give you the best flying experience and the most beneficial learning environment.  We think you’ll get the most from the flying environment we have set up for you...

Day 1  Arrival and hopefully a settle-in evening flight
Day 2  Full day of XC Adventure. Evening: Theory
Day 3  Wing Control followed by 20km XC task: Theory
Day4   Wing Control followed by 20km XC task: Theory
Day5   Full day of XC Adventure
Day6   Full day of XC Adventure
Day7   Half day of XC Adventure, relaxed afternoon. Exam evening
Day 8  Fly home



When comparing prices please take into account what’s included. 
Course price is £495 and includes:

  • Two days of top quality SIV instruction
  • Accommodation.
  • Four days of top quality XC coaching and retrieves
  • BHPA theory and exams
  • All transport and airport transfers

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NOTE: Please confirm before booking as pilot numbers will dictate if both these courses go ahead