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2012 Success
2012 was even better for our residential clients. Richard managed to fly his first ever 100km+ flight whilst the other guys scored personal bests too. The weather was very reliable in the most part allowing a huge amount of flying!

2011 Success
2011 was a great result for residential clients. Two of the four persons whom took up their places for 2011 have already rebooked for 2012. I guess they enjoyed it!!!!

Residential Places 2013

During our Slovenia season we offer a limited number of residential places for pilots wanting to stay for a longer period of up to three months. They suit people whom;

  • Just want to hang out in the Alps all summer without the expense of a hotel or the damp of a tent
  • Those wanting to learn more about the area in detail to aid with future trips
  • Those wanting to further their XC skills getting continual advice from xTc and our staff

The venue is Slovenia with Sorica as our base. From here we can access all the major flying sites in under 60 minutes with the primary ones being around 30 minutes away (or 5 minutes for the Sorica launch).

The principle is you stay in the xTc house, sharing with a few other likeminded individuals and then go out daily, as you wish, with the regular clients of xTc. This allows you the lower cost option of both the trip as well as not having to eat in restaurants each day, having access to a kitchen in the house for your daily meals. But it also allows you the opportunity to fly day after day in one of the best playgrounds in Europe.

The season is being led by Brett janaway, lead guide of xTc Paragliding. Also in attendance will be Mike Agnew as Fly guide and a few other retrieve drivers.

The costs vary according to the length of your stay but include accommodation, transport throughout, guiding, retrieves etc.

Costs (standard trip price is £499!)
Weeks 1 to 4 of your stay = £349 weekly
Weeks 5 to 8 of your stay = £285 weekly
Weeks 10+ of your stay = £245 weekly

The reducing scale is to recognise the reduced workload for our staff.

A deposit of £100 weekly is required on booking. The balance is payable monthly in advance during your stay.

PLACES ARE LIMITED! There are just three rooms available for 2013.
Update: Two of the three rooms are provisionally let for the latter part of the season.